Hi! I'm Blair

I’m a creative non-fiction writer.
Basically, I write stuff based on personal experiences. And then I post it online.

I've always wanted to be a writer. At just eight years old, I was hell bent on attending Oxford University, becoming an investigative journalist, and eventually releasing a bestselling memoir. 

Safe to say my life didn’t unfold the way eight year old Blair had planned. Well, yet anyway. 

But, one thing hasn’t changed. I have a lot to say. And on this platform, I have a lot to say about topics that orientate around the ‘self’ - whether it’s self-love, self-care, self-worth, or self-perception.

Except my take on self-love is a little different. If you’re here for a Beyonce-ised, ‘yasss queen let’s get vulnerable’ version of self-love, then my cherub, I’m afraid you’re arrived in the wrong place.
Portrait headshot of Blair Olivia, writer of Self Love and shit blog
Illustration of a woman trying to figure out self-love
here's the tea ☕

On this blog, you'll find none of the following:

  • Daily affirmations
  • Kumbaya sing songs
  • Goal setting worksheets
  • Pinterest-worthy quotes
  • Pinterest-worthy anything on that note
It's just not my bag.
here's the tea ☕

Some of what you will find here includes:

  • Realistic, pragmatic essays about all things self-loving, told through the lens of my personal experience
  • Frank discussions about mental health and physical wellbeing
  • Observations on society, and our obsession with happiness, positivity and self-improvement  
  • Some (hopefully) witty anecdotes along the way
Illustration of a woman surrounded by the main topics of this self-love blog
Photo of Blair Olivia, sitting on an old, rustic couch

So, in short...

I’m writing this blog to show my gals, guys, and non-binary babes out there that you don’t have to subscribe to a specific notion of self-love.

To prove that self-love isn’t a whimsical, Instagramable journey. To remind you that the work of growth can be icky, thorny and confusing. 

So let’s take on self - love and shit. On OUR terms. ✌️
Blair Olivia's signature, writer of the self love and shit blog